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Emergency Light Testing

Emergency lighting is a critical component of any building’s safety system. In the event of a power outage, these lights ensure that occupants can safely navigate exits and pathways. Regular testing and maintenance of emergency lights are essential to ensure they function correctly when needed most.

We offer comprehensive emergency light testing services to ensure your building remains compliant with safety regulations and standards.

Emergency Light Testing

What Our Services Include

  • Monthly Tests: Quick checks to ensure lights are operational.
  • Annual Tests: Full duration tests to confirm lights can operate for the required amount of time.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Detailed reports of each test, including any faults found and corrective actions taken.
  1. Visual Inspection: Checking the physical condition of emergency lights and ensuring they are free from damage or obstruction.
  2. Functional Test: Simulating a power failure to ensure all emergency lights operate correctly.
  3. Duration Test: Ensuring lights can operate for the full rated duration, typically 90 minutes or 3 hours.
  4. Battery and Bulb Checks: Verifying the condition and performance of batteries and bulbs.

Compliance & Standards

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005: Legal requirements for emergency lighting in commercial buildings.

  • Local Building Codes: Ensuring adherence to any additional local regulations.

Benefits of Regular Testing:

  • Safety: Ensures the safety of occupants during an emergency.
  • Compliance: Helps avoid fines and legal issues by staying compliant with regulations.
  • Peace of Mind: Regular testing provides assurance that your emergency lighting system will work when needed.

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